Michael Raedecker, ‘dimension’, 2016, GRIMM

About Michael Raedecker

Michael Raedecker trained as a fashion designer and apprenticed to fashion’s avant-garde master, Martin Margiela, before setting out as an artist on his own. Raedecker combines the traditional craft of needlework with the vaunted history of painting, sometimes even deliberately conflating the two by carefully rendering drips of paint in stitches or by pushing paint through fabric to look like tangled thread. His eerily empty domestic spaces are inspired, in part, by idyllic scenes from 1970s American TV, with shimmering thread providing subtle relief to his graphic compositions. In more recent works, the artist has expanded his technique to cutting up his canvases and stitching them back together collage-style, the surfaces scratched and scarred, giving them an otherworld sense of age.

Dutch, b. 1963, Amsterdam, Netherlands