Michael Schultheis, ‘Halos of Archimedes’, 2015, Winston Wächter Fine Art

About Michael Schultheis

Inspired by the beauty of an erased chalkboard and its countless smudged layers, Michael Schultheis paints mathematical diagrams that encourage a new way of thinking about our world’s interconnectedness. Schultheis considers his surrealistic, abstract paintings “mindscapes” that reflect the thinking process of a mathematician. His paintings are born from equations that he writes in his canvas’s top left corners and that grow into diagrams and visual geometries covering the remainder of the canvas. Schultheis revises his equations by smudging or covering them with a layer of paint and drawing geometric diagrams or secondary equations over the painted area. This process continues until Schultheis’s equation reaches a conceptual, exploratory state.

American, b. 1967

Solo Shows

Michael Schultheis - Dreams of Pythagoras