Michael Torquato de Nicola, ‘Rythm in Hues #4’, Amstel Gallery

Michael Torquato DeNicola describes all of his artwork as rhythmical, with certain elements fully grounded while others are in flux. Inspired by his surfing, he utilizes photographs, painting, collage and his poetry written on the journey – to create his artworks on surfboards, canvas, linen and paper. Rhythms and patters of the acrylic paint applied on top of his images resonate with the flow and transformations of his challenging journey, granting the work abstraction. Eroded by the sun and the outside air where his paintings are left to dry, they have taken a more organic appearance, as if they are part of the environment that they describe. Michael his works cannot be captured in one category as they are as divers as his life is. Reef paintings, made out of the elements in the parts of the world Torquato is at that moment, Sunspots as of the images he sees while closing his eyes and looking into the sun, surfboards as memories of his days as professional surfer, Doors, as a metaphor to his journey and the poetry and works on paper as a witness of his journey through Life. The many different works of Michael Torquato DeNicola make an interesting and well documented journal of a beautiful mind captured in the body of an artist and surfer. “All things start to connect and float “

Signature: verso

About Michael Torquato de Nicola

American, Orange County, CA, United States, based in Los Angeles, CA, United States

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