Michael von Hassel, ‘North Korea - Kindergarten’, 2017, Outset: Benefit Auction 2017

From the Catalogue:
Michael von Hassel is longing to show his surreality in a hyper-realistic way and impresses the beholder with keen crispness, vibrant colours and strong arrangements of light. The pictures may appear to be painted but they are photorealistic artworks. The fascination lies in enabling the viewer to see more than he would ever be able with his own eyes, if he would stand at this very photo-location by himself: all the different colours in nature available in abundance are caught in many single photographies taken over a certain period of a day, are melted into one single multilayered image. The result is a hyper-realistic landscape with seemingly synthetic colours. The more or less marginal themes show our world way more intense. Michael’s images are an invitation to the viewers to leave their reality for a moment quasi to get caught up in the maelstrom of timelessness and fantastic sides of our world - as he wishes – this should be seen every day. Michael’s sources derive both from the capitals of the world and from the very end of civilisation. In early 2017 Michael went to North Korea to portray this very different kind of a society. North Korea Kindergarten shows a real nuclear rocket in the centre of some after-school-care-and-training-club.
Source: Michael von Hassel

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Image rights: Donated by Michael von Hassel

About Michael von Hassel

Germany, b. 1978, Munich, based in Munich and Berlin