Michael Wilkinson, ‘New Dawn’, 1986, David Barnett Gallery

Plexi base included.

Image rights: David Barnett Gallery

About Michael Wilkinson

In his eclectic, understated mixed-media canvases and sculptures, Michael Wilkinson filters history and popular culture through an anarchistic, punk rock lens, exploring how war and revolution, rebellions and rebels have shaped the past and present alike. Among the events he evokes in his sophisticated, subtly layered collages are the Allied bombing of Dresden, Germany, during WWII; the May 1968 Paris riots; and the opening of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood’s boutique Seditionaries (a revolution in subversive creativity). Appropriately, vinyl records recur throughout Wilkinson’s works. He affixes them to canvases, together with splashes of paint and materials like beeswax, buttons, and photographs, and he has stacked them into a tower stretching to the ceiling. They serve, in part, as stand-ins for the voices raised in protest, or silenced by war, which Wilkinson honors and celebrates in all of his work.

British, b. 1965, Merseyside, United Kingdom, based in Glasgow, United Kingdom