Michal Budny, ‘Part 3 (from Żywica series)’, 2012, Raster

The title 'Żywica' ('Resin') demarcates an area that is essential for the artist's intuition and his associations, which go beyond the primary sense of the word. The Polish word żywica is drawn from the word for life - życie - inferring something very much alive. Then there is the smell of the substance as it flows out of the tree and the organic process of accumulating layer upon layer. Resin is also a substance that 'enlivens' a seemingly lifeless surface and in the process takes us onto another level of perception.

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"Something also seems to be hidden beneath the surface of many objects, as if we are dealing with subtle forms of packaging that protectively wrap material and non-material entities alike. This wrapping contributes to the impression of disappearance, with which many of these works are endowed in spite of their manifest presence. There is evidently an invisible, intangible core, an essence that doesn’t want to reveal itself to us despite intense scrutiny on our part"
(Michał Budny, Sandpaper, Düsseldorf: Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen 2011)

About Michal Budny

Michal Budny works with self-described "homely" materials such as brown paper, cardboard, and tape to build his minimalist sculptures and two-dimensional assemblages. His pieces have a deceptively simplistic appearance, yet are made with an obsessive and meticulous precision. Many of Budny's pieces simplify the architectural forms of everyday life, such as playgrounds and city maps, but he also seeks to give visual form to ephemeral phenomena, such as rain and sound waves.

Polish, b. 1976, Leszno, Poland, based in Warsaw, Poland