Michel Campeau, ‘Variations chromatiques_inactiniques_Series OC’, 2008-2011, Galerie Simon Blais

About Michel Campeau

Michel Campeau breaks with the formal conventions of photography to explore its subjective and narrative qualities. He is known for images of the photographer’s darkroom, exposing the plumbing and electricity, ventilation systems, worn out equipment, stained chemical trays, and other mundane-yet-essential elements. “As an agent in and witness of a pivotal moment in the history of art and technologies, squeezed between the dual procedures of analogical and digital recording, I find the utmost importance to invest the iconicity of the darkroom with the connotations of ruin and post-industrial debris,” he explains. More recently, Campeau began pondering the increasing obsolescence of his print archives: shelves overflowing with negatives, slides, frames, reference notes, and other accoutrements, which resulted in his digital series, “The Materiality of Photographic Archives” (2010).

Canadian , b. 1948, Montreal, Canada