Michele D'Ermo, ‘Heaven's Gold’, Elisa Contemporary

About Michele D'Ermo

With a compositional mode that resembles the spare color fields of Mark Rothko, Michele D’Ermo makes landscape paintings, using color to depict the thin dividing line between sky and earth, and between representation and abstraction. “Art and nature are so close together it is impossible to say what comes first,” she says. “Nature allows me to rely on impulse—it is my teacher, but I allow for the mystery of art to unfold.” The glowing horizons she depicts often feature dreamy clouds floating overhead, with forms and color relationships that recall the elusive imagery of painters such as Pegan Brooke and Osamu Kobayashi. For D’Ermo, the natural behavior of the paint replicates that of sky, sea, and land, and evokes the beauty and poetry of elemental forms.