Michelle Lundqvist, ‘more’, 2016, Art Mûr

About Michelle Lundqvist

In her work, Michelle Lundqvist explores the moments in between. She is fixated with the indelible borders of the transience of time, as well as the perpetual event when "thought matter" becomes "visible matter." Her paintings are glimpses into the energy of transient events. For example, her abstract semi-self-portraits deliberate the apperception of invisible fields and her mediations on transit are inspired by the brief drawings in the sky left by airplane condensation trails. In installations, Lundqvist creates barely visible spatial drawings mounted with transparent thread filling empty rooms. These works are centered by mystical and spiritual awareness, grounded in the sensation of thoughts and emotions arising and disappearing as the works are created, culminating into a single event of an image or form.

— Submitted by Art Mûr

Canadian, b. 1984, based in Montreal, QC, Canada