Michelle Sank, ‘Chris’, ElliottHalls

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Series: "Endgame". All of Sank’s work polarises around portraiture, which highlights the notion of developing adulthood within society. In the Endgame Series, Sank focuses on boys at the end of their adolescence. These images are untitled and so afford the viewer their own stance on the actual stories behind these young men. They like previous work of Sank’s could be a random selection of sitters that have ‘growing up’ in common. However, these photographs are a culmination of Sank’s time spent at a rehabilitation centre near where she now lives in Exeter. These are portraits of boys on the brink of manhood, who have during their young lives already experienced a diversity of hardships, which have led to crime and/or internment in prison. However, Sank clearly chooses not to focus these images on the potential sensationalism of her subject’s difficult pasts, but is fascinated with their physical beauty of youth, which is often framed by the tranquil surroundings of the centre and achieving a sense of hope.

Signature: Signed, titled & editioned in ink verso

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Michelle Sank

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