Midori Sato, ‘Reflections of a closet’, 2012, Tomio Koyama Gallery

About Midori Sato

Midori Sato explains that her paintings are based on the feeling of pleasure in encountering beautiful objects in daily life or travel. Her primary subjects are storefront or boutique displays, closets, clothing, shoe racks, and interiors. In other series, Sato paints the patterns of carpets, lace, and Parisian embroidery, sometimes on un-mounted cotton canvas, which droop when hung on the wall. She culls her images from magazines and from her own experiences. Sato’s style is characterized by its loose brushwork, vivid colors, and uneven distribution of paint across a surface. She also creates installations resembling immersive rooms or closets, and fabricates objects like suitcases, boxes, and wardrobes.

Japanese, b. 1984

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