Miguel Berrocal, ‘Torso Verona (Black)’, RoGallery
Miguel Berrocal, ‘Torso Verona (Black)’, RoGallery
Miguel Berrocal, ‘Torso Verona (Black)’, RoGallery

Wearable pendant sculpture with removable fig leaf and stand.

Signature: Signature and number inscribed

About Miguel Berrocal

Spanish artist Miguel Berrocal is best known for his interactive sculptural works, which range in scale from the miniscule to the monumental, and depict abstract or figurative forms that can be assembled like puzzles. Fascinated from an early age by analytic geometry, science, and drawing, Berrocal quickly turned to sculpture after his schooling. Berrocal’s practice was driven by a strong personal philosophy highlighted by the desire to connect with the viewer through sculptural objects, leading to an analytical, complicated process of study and the construction of touchable works. Berrocal believed that in order to truly experience form, it must be “observed with the hands,” thus emphasizing the viewer’s role in the mental and physical construction of an artwork.

Spanish, 1933-2006, Malaga, Spain

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