Miika Benedetti, ‘Pleasure Seeker’, GRIN

About Miika Benedetti

Describing himself as “maniacally creative,” artist and actor Miika Benedetti explores ideas of power, competition, masculinity, and human relations in the Internet Age. Based in Beijing, his paintings, photographs, sculptures, and installations are informed by the city’s urban landscape and popular culture. Benedetti incorporates images from newspapers, magazines, television, cell phone screens, websites, pornography, and advertisements into his work, along with an array of found objects, including trophies and toys. In a series of lush, grotesque, paintings focused on plastic surgery, he presents close-up views of faces, mangled in the immediate aftermath of a process based on imposed standards of beauty; while in Undefeated (2014), Benedetti comments on notions of toughness and the glorification of violence by placing two switchblades side-by-side, in stasis, on a pedestal edged in bright lights.

American, b. 1987, based in Beijing, China

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