Mike Kelley, ‘Street Sign’, 2004, MSP Modern

Screen print in black and red on white baked enamel aluminum panel, signed and dated in black ink on verso. Published for the 25th Annual Benefit Art Auction for Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles.

About Mike Kelley

Los Angeles–based artist, critic, and curator Mike Kelley's varied output included ritualized performance pieces, films, installations, wall-size drawings, paintings, and collaborations with artists such as Paul McCarthy, Tony Oursler, and bands Sonic Youth and Destroy All Monsters (1973-1985). Kelley's work challenged the legitimacy of "normative" values and authority systems, often employing the confrontational practices of punk music. He often sought to legitimize overlooked instances of vernacular art in America, as in his "Kandors" series, begun in 1999, in which he cast representations of Superman's birthplace Kandor, taken from comic books, in colored resins and set them in tinted glass bottles to resemble illuminated reliquaries.

American, 1954-2012, Detroit, Michigan, based in Los Angeles, California