Miklos Gaál, ‘Avenida Presidente Antonió Carlos 1-4’, 2004, VILTIN Gallery

each 50 x 54 cm

About Miklos Gaál

Known to play with focal length and depth of field, Miklos Gaál's large-format color photographs posses a distinctively distant viewpoint that obscures everyday scenes into remote, simulated miniature worlds. A member of the Helsinki School, Gaál received his masters in photography from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki and lives and works between Helsinki and Amsterdam. His photographs represent daily scenes as if they were scale models, an effect achieved through distance and blurring. In this way, Gaál explores the ability of photography to present and distort the truth, as in his toy-like Dog Park, (2006) where the initial perception of a model town proves to be a life-sized recreational site Gaál chose for its strange pentagonal shape, which he made the primary focus of the composition.

Finnish, b. 1974, Espoo, Finland, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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