Millie Chen, ‘Prototype 1979: Road between Afghanistan and Soviet Union; Managua, Nicaragua; Shahyad Square, Tehran, Iran; Greensboro, North Carolina, USA; New York City, USA’, 2016, Resource Art

Part of a series of ten wallpaper designs— one for each year between 1970-1979. Each “prototype” drawing is a unique mixed media work on paper— a material rendering of an original design, or pattern repeat, for the respective wallpaper. In each “prototype,” Chen has conceived of an image that references events that happened in that specific year. In this artwork, the imagery is referencing events that seep into the 1980s and beyond: Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Nicaraguan Revolution, Iranian Revolution, Greensboro Massacre, Black Panther Party.

About Millie Chen

Canadian, b. 1962, Taiwan, based in Ridgeway, ON, Canada

Group Shows

Art Invasion House Party I