Milly Ristvedt, ‘Blue Wash’, 1982, Oeno Gallery

Milly Ristvedt is an extraordinary Canadian painter of abstraction. Single brush strokes float and hover in the pictorial space as washes of color merge and blend in quiet harmonies. Her paintings speak quietly but with great purpose. When she was only 24 Ristvedt's work was included in the Centennial exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The following year her work was featured in the National Gallery, and the year after that, she was selected for prestigious exhibitions in Winnipeg, Paris and Lausanne. She shared a studio for a time with Jack Bush, and was in group exhibitions with many masters of abstraction. Her work is in major public collections - the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, The Musee d'art Contemporain (Montreal), Harvard University, to name just a few. Her work has been included in many publications, including Abstract Painting in Canada (Nasgaard, 2014). She lives and paints in Ontario, Canada.

About Milly Ristvedt

Canadian, b. 1947, Kimberley, BC, Canada, based in Ontario, Canada

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