Mimmo Rotella, ‘Untitled’, 1960, Wallector
Mimmo Rotella, ‘Untitled’, 1960, Wallector
Mimmo Rotella, ‘Untitled’, 1960, Wallector
Mimmo Rotella, ‘Untitled’, 1960, Wallector
Mimmo Rotella, ‘Untitled’, 1960, Wallector

Hand signed. Edition of 70 prints. Very good conditions.
Domenico Rotella, or Mimmo (Catanzaro, 1918- Milan, 2006) was an italian artist and painter, famous for his experimentations of different painting styles. His innovative approach revolutioned the artistic 1950s language, and allowed him to invent the décollage technique, in which artworks and paintings are the result of advertising posters's parts pasted together.The lithograph presented is a perfect example of the famous innovative technique of the italian master, in which coloured and single parts of posters are mixed creating a suggestive artwork. Rotella exposed in more than 100 international exhibitions, including in Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, in Guggenheim Museum and Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Signature: Hand signed.

About Mimmo Rotella

Mimmo Rotella, who represented Italy in the 1964 Venice Biennale, was experimental to his core: in his poetry, paintings, photographs, sculptural assemblages, and collages, he broke down conventions, leaving behind a body of extravagant work. He began as a painter of geometric abstractions in the early 1950s, then turned away from his studio and toward the world around him. There he found weathered movie and advertising posters, which he would tear off the walls, affix to canvases, and rip further to develop semi-abstract compositions out of mass media imagery, which he called “double décollages.” Through his collages, he became associated with Raymond Hains, Jacques Villeglé, and François Dufrêne—together known as Les Affichistes. Rotella was also linked to the French Nouveau Réalistes, for reflecting commodity culture, and its excesses and absurdities, in his art.

Italian, 1918-2006, Catanzaro, Italy

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