Minho Kwon, ‘Landscape at the Beginning Point’, 2017, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

Minho KWON’s Landscape at the Beginning Point is a landscape painting of the Deoksugung Palace, which experienced the modern and contemporary era of Korea. Kwon recollects the residual images of the Deoksugung Palace and the landscape of the vicinity area he felt as he walked in and out of the Deoksugung Daehanmun Gate and reinterprets this into his own drawings. In this drawing, Kwon unveils the mapping method of using partial collage and projector upon the black and white drawing done by pencil and charcoal. In addition, he completes a new drawing of Seokeodang combining his own perspectives with modern and contemporary elements surrounding Deokugung Palace area, which became the hub of the empire with the enthronement of Emperor Gojong. Therefore, we could discover various symbolic elements of industrialization in the drawing, such as the Seoul Station, Japanese style building, Mogul No.13, KTX, and residential complex buildings that seem rather irrelevant to art.

About Minho Kwon