Mira Dancy, ‘Shackled Shadow’, 2015, Night Gallery

About Mira Dancy

Taking a feminist approach, Mira Dancy makes powerful, expressive works centered on the female nude. She works primarily on canvas, but has also branched out into wall painting, neon light pieces, projected images, and even shower curtains. Her interest in painting traces back to college, where Dancy was introduced to the medium in classes taught by Amy Sillman and Elizabeth Murray, whose own art and feminist ethos laid the ground for her vision. Dancy often works on a large-scale, filling her canvases with expansive nudes rendered in a vibrant array of colors and with calligraphic, sweeping, sinuous lines. Unlike the women who appear in paintings (often done by men) throughout art history, her nudes are imbued with a sense of strength and self-possession, in addition to a knowingly exaggerated sex appeal.

American, b. 1979, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom, based in New York, NY