Mira Hecht, ‘Moving Out From Zero’, 2013, Addison/Ripley Fine Art

About Mira Hecht

Describing each of her paintings as “a small gesture of exaltation,” Mira Hecht explores the formal, emotional, and spiritual resonances of geometric shapes in her abstract compositions. She covers canvas, panel, and paper with diamonds, triangles, clovers, and, especially, circles, a shape whose concrete and symbolic perfection inspires her. Referencing Saint Augustine’s conception of spirit as a circle, she explains: “A signifier of organic life and the soul, each circle is hand drawn, perfect in its imperfection, inspiring me to try again. The straight line is representative of coordinates in space and universal energy.” Hecht builds up layers of shapes, alternating between bright and subdued hues and opaque and transparent applications of paint. Occasionally, human figures, text, and objects appear among her kaleidoscopic, patterned networks, which shimmer and dance like bright sunspots.

American, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, based in Washington, D.C.