Mira Nakashima, ‘Pair of Mira Chairs’, 1991, Rago

Paired with George Nakashima

Mira Nakashima has expanded upon the tradition of George Nakashima's woodworking studio since his passing in 1990. While she maintains her father’s techniques and his dedication to honoring the natural form of the tree, Nakashima has produced her own innovative design solutions, most recently in a furniture line dedicated to her family, the Keisho Collection.

Signature: Both signed Nakashima Dec 4, 1991

About Mira Nakashima

Daughter of the acclaimed architect, designer and master craftsman George Nakashima, Mira Nakashima has run her father's studio and workshop since his death in 1990—continuing his long practice known for highlighting and manipulating the natural beauty of wood. While the Nakashima studio still produces many of their traditional lines, Mira has also created her Keisho Collection—which translates from Japanese to continuance or succession—that uses the same visual language that Nakashima designs are known for, but with a contemporary sensibility that often appears more delicate. Mira Nakashima still designs and produces all the studio’s pieces in the complex of buildings that her father designed and built in rural Pennsylvania, working with some of the same craftsmen that her father trained, which helps lend a sense of continuity to their furniture and design objects.

American, b. 1942, based in New Hope, Pennsylvania