Mira Schendel, ‘Untitled [Toquinho series]’, 1972, Bergamin & Gomide

• Laços do Olhar: roteiros entre o Brasil e o Japão. Instituto Tomie Ohtake: São Paulo, 21 de maio a 10 de agosto de 2008 (May 21y to August 10th, 2008)
• Fragile. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Esteban Vicente: Segovia, 15 de outubro de 2008 a 11 de janeiro de 2009 (October 15th, 2008 to January 11th, 2009)
• In Between. Galeria Bergamin & Gomide: São Paulo, 31 de Agosto a 8 de Outubro de 2016 (August 31th to October 8th, 2016)

• Laços do Olhar: Roteiros entre o Brasil e o Japão [Ties of the Gaze: Centennial of Japanese immigration to Brazil]. São Paulo: Instituto Tomie Ohtake, 2009, p. 154
• Fragile. Segoya: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Esteban Vicente, 2008
• In Between. São Paulo: Galeria Bergamin & Gomide, 2017

Andre Millan Gallery, São Paulo (SP)
Acquired from the above by present owner

About Mira Schendel

Mira Schendel’s work is a visual manifestation of language, capturing voice, words, and gestures. Considered preeminent among late 20th-century Latin American artists, Schendel created delicate graphite drawings, monotypes, and watercolors of letters, words, and phrases that portray how we apprehend the world through sometimes obscure but often insistent language. Haiku-like and painterly with a keen attention to surface, Schendel’s work is less didactic and more visceral than work by her contemporaries, who investigated semiotics and post-structuralist theory in the 1980s.

Swiss-Brazilian, 1919-1988, Zurich, Switzerland, based in São Paulo, Brazil