Mireia Serra, ‘Light Sail ’, 2017, Artspace Warehouse
Mireia Serra, ‘Light Sail ’, 2017, Artspace Warehouse
Mireia Serra, ‘Light Sail ’, 2017, Artspace Warehouse
Mireia Serra, ‘Light Sail ’, 2017, Artspace Warehouse
Mireia Serra, ‘Light Sail ’, 2017, Artspace Warehouse
Mireia Serra, ‘Light Sail ’, 2017, Artspace Warehouse

Mireia Serra creates sensuous sculptures showing the beauty of snapshots caught in life which are full of emotions and feelings along the life journey. Her little artworks capture the beauty of moments: A young lady challenged by the adventure of a new trip, a young man pondering about his dreams, a lost girl thinking about different options to know more about herself…Mireia vividly demonstrates how a piece of fine art sculpture could incorporate into our daily life, linking us with art that inspires and triggers us to contemplate about life and relationship. The sculptress aptly concludes her work as creating “Figurative sculptures depicting contemporary everyday scenes. Reflect my inner world thus expressing moods and desires, feelings, joys and concerns stemming from my relationship with the world".

Born in Barcelona in 1973, Mireia Serra aimed to be a sculptor from a young age, but her parents persuaded her to study fashion design instead.

In 1995 she graduated in fashion design and started her professional career as a lingerie designer. In 1998, she dropped her well-paid job because she wanted to expand her creative talent and find happiness in the fine arts arena. She decided to start from zero and go back to her initial ambition of becoming a sculptor.

In some of her present sculptures the presence of elements from the fashion world such as cameras, texture, detailed finishing of the clothes and shoes are apparent.

She graduated in 2002 from the Llotja School of Arts in Barcelona (the same school that took under its wing Antoni Gaudí, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró), specializing in iron and bronze. Later she took an advanced sculpture portrait course taught by sculptor Jorge Egea at MEAM (Museo European d'Art Modern) in order to master her technique.

This solid bronze sculpture is 8 inch tall, 6 inch wide, and 6 inch deep. A certificate of authenticity issued by Artspace Warehouse is included. Free local Los Angeles area delivery. Affordable US and international shipping is available.

Serra has been working as a full-time sculptor since 2003. She started to exhibit with galleries throughout Spain and landed her first solo shows and her first international art fair in Madrid in 2013. Since 2016 Mireia Serra has been exhibited in galleries and art fairs in Germany, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, and Hong Kong. Her works have been represented by Artspace Warehouse since 2017.

Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles, CA
Affordable Art Fair New York
Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong
Trio exhibition, Montsequi Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain
Collective Summer Exhibition "skulptur2017", Gallery Arlet-studio, Münster, Germany

"Nacimos desnudas", collective, Art Gallery Lèucade, Murcia, Spain
"Skulpturen und Objekte", Sommergalerie Westerkappeln, Art Gallery Artle Studio, Münster, Germany
"Casica Cool Art 2016", artist collective event, Girona, Spain
"Summer exhibition", collective, Art Gallery María Aguilar, Novo Sancti Petri, Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain
"El Sur", Ausstellung, Zeitgenössische SKultur und Malerei aus Spanien, Art Gallery Artlet Studio, Münster, Germany
"Mundos soñados", individual, Art Gallery Murillo, Oviedo, Spain

"Passions”, individual, Art gallery Salduba, Zaragoza
Art Gallery E. Arimany, individual, Tarragona. Art Gallery Terraferma, individual, Lleida. "L'Illa d'Art", Art gallery Safia, Barcelona
"Large and small works of Art", collective, Art Gallery Murillo, Oviedo
"Gralles Experience 2015", artists collective event, Tarragona
"Summertime", collective Art Gallery El Quatre, Barcelona
"La Casica Cool Art 2015", artist collective event, Girona
"Hipermerc'Art by Moritz”, collective, Art Gallery Safia, Barcelona

“Sculped everyday”, individual, Art Gallery Murillo, Oviedo
"L’Illa d’Art", L’illa Diagonal, Art Gallery Safia, Barcelona
“El Quatre Global”, collective, Art Gallery El Quatre, Barcelona
"Hipermerc’Art", La Sala Vinçon, Barcelona

Room Art Fair#3, Art Gallery El Quatre, Madrid
“L’Illa d’Art”, L’illa Diagonal, Art Gallery Safia, Barcelona
“Tapas”, collective, Art Gallery El Quatre, Barcelona
“Hipermerc’Art”, La Sala Vinçon, Barcelona

Affordable Art Fair Milan, Eye Contemporary Art Gallery, Italy
Affordable Art Fair Brussels, Eye Contemporary Art Gallery, Belgium
Feria de Arte Almoneda 2017, IFEMA, Art Gallery María Aguilar, Madrid, Spain
Affordable Art Fair Hong-Kong, Eye Contemporary Art Gallery, Hong-Kong
Málaga Art Fair, Galería Juca Claret, Málaga, Spain
Fair Art Bodensee 2017 in Dornbirn, Art Gallery María Aguilar, July, Austria

Art Innsbruck International Fair, Art Gallery María Aguilar, Innsbruck, Austria
ST-ART, International Contemporary Art Fair, Art Gallery María Aguilar, Strasbourg, France
LUXEMBOURG ART FAIR, Internacional Contemporary Art Fair, Art Gallery María Aguilar, Luxembourg
Feria de Arte Almoneda Navidad, IFEMA, Art Gallery María Aguilar, Spain

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