Miss Van, ‘Nude II’, 2017, Weinstein Gallery

About Miss Van

A trailblazing street artist, Miss Van (née Vanessa Alice Bensimon) has been creating her signature sloe-eyed, full-lipped, darkly burlesque poupée (doll) paintings since the age of twenty, when she was living in her hometown of Toulouse, France. Her poupées are provocative, erotic, and uninhibitedly sexual, and function as an extension of the artist’s feelings. Now based in Barcelona, Miss Van focuses almost exclusively on studio art. Since shifting from the outdoors to an indoor setting, Miss Van’s poupées have grown increasingly refined due to the artist’s exploration of new materials and techniques. Her recent “Ballerina” series features poupées in anthropomorphic masks. The images are inspired by vintage erotic portraiture and address themes of identity, fetish, and freedom.

French, b. 1973