Mitchell Funk, ‘Brooklyn Bridge and Man’, 1969, Robert Funk Fine Art

During Funk’s earliest years, he achieved many historical accomplishments in color photography. Filled with creative energy, he wanted to shock and outrage. To do so, he combined photography with painting and collage. “Brooklyn Bridge and Man” is a composite image. He extracts images from their original context and pieces them together with tape on a 35mm emulsion using a Repornar copy device. He then sandwiches them with colored gels and color filters and uses an Exacto knife to scratch out blocks of color. The result is a simultaneous cerebral, emotional and physical approach to color photography.

Signature: Signed , dated lower right, Edition 2 /15 Printed later, unframed, other size available

Images en Couleur, Brooklyn Museum, 1970. ( This was first major museum exhibition of color photography, Curated by Henri Ghent )

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