Mitchell Funk, ‘Red Vail Bryant Park’, 2013, Robert Funk Fine Art

Color pioneer Mitchell Funk, brings the precision of studio photography to street photography. In this carefully crafted grab shot, the photographers' compositional exactitude is fully evident. The shapes of the building echo the shapes of the figures. Funk has been doing abstract and semi-abstract, color field photography starting in the late 1960'... generations ahead of color styles that are popular today. In the 1970's and 1980's his work was displayed on more than 50 photography magazine covers. Legendary art director Ernest Scarfone of Modern Photography Magazine was one of the first to feature Funk's radical color works. Wide swathes of color and bold shaped images that graced Modern's covers in the 1970's were one of the first investigations into the fundamental meaning of the nature of color in color photography. In this more recent image of silhouetted figures behind a red plane of color... Funk continues expand and extent his mission to that he started over 49 years ago.

Signature: Signed and dated, lower right, numbered 4/15, other sizes available, unframed.

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