Mitra Tabrizian, ‘Leicestershire, 2012 (3)’, 2012, Leila Heller Gallery

About Mitra Tabrizian

Mitra Tabrizian’s monumental photographs explore contemporary social and political issues in her native Iran as well as her current home, Britain, offering distilled critiques of capitalism and immigration, among other themes, as well as evoking larger narratives. An eerie stillness and sense of alienation pervade many of her photographs: in City, London 2008 (2008), suited employees stand, in panoramic view, in the lobby of a bank; they stare blankly in different directions, suggesting the detachment that connects these workers with the larger currents underlying corporate culture. Although she depicts ordinary individuals in everyday settings, Tabrizian stages her scenes, creating cinematic tableaux that tread a line between fiction and reality. She also produces films, and has drawn influence from New Wave Iranian cinema.

Iranian, Tehran, Iran, based in London, United Kingdom

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