Mohamed Banawy, ‘Still Life  I’, 2006, Arts-Mart

About Mohamed Banawy

Mohamed Banawy chose to work in mosaic because it’s faithful to the way he sees the world: “I can see the whole world and feel […] a huge mosaic panel that was formed unconsciously, with no intention at all, in which all the creatures played a role.” Banawy studied oil, watercolor, pastel, mural painting, design, and stained glasswork, but always felt the strongest material kinship with mosaic. Clay, above all else, is a central material in Banawy’s works, because of its biblical and ecological significance. The mosaics, though geometric and abstract, are based on aerial landscape views and the topography of Egypt, and indirectly reference the urban sprawl and geographic clustering of economic classes into neighborhoods.

Egyptian, b. 1977