Momoko Takeshita Keane, ‘Nº 44 "Germinate"’, 2015, Chamber

Takeshita Keane’s sculptural work, “Germinate,” manifests the idea that while our lives may be difficult; one must take the seed of life with which one was born. From a foundation piece of clay, “Germinate” grew in the same way that a seed would grow from the earth, using a primitive method of clay-work called tebineri or hand coiling, during which process a rope-like coil of clay is rolled and then pinched onto a base in an upward spiral.

Yielding, and soft to the touch, the clay has a life-like quality, and is infused with the memory of the earth from which it came, creating a connection between artist and nature.

Image rights: Fran Parente

New York, United States

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