Monica Cook, ‘Dune Buggy’, 2013, Postmasters Gallery

*Mixed media for all sculptures:
Water Tanks, hair driers, hamster habitat, plexiglass domes, magnifying sheets, dish racks, fishing floats, Christmas balls, breathing apparatus, cb radio, gloves, tin can, oil barrel, springs, tide bottles, radio airplane controller, fireplace screen, peatree dishes, faux fire logs, seadoo coolant tanks, clock radio, tv radio, various lights, flash lights, plastic barrel, wood grain contact paper, roller skate stoppers, furniture tacks, mirrored headboard, clothes hamper cloth, blow horn, stepladder, various tubes, bicycles, shoe polisher, gold leaf, gold trim, cpr mannequin, water with white tempra, Christmas tree candle holder, sugar egg diorama, plastic popcorn strands, plastic fruit, beaded fruit, bath sponge, bells, horns, towel rack, linoleum, mop, silver teeth caps, drain, bath mat, feather quills, porcupine hair, starfish, gold disco ball glass, fish net, tiller wheels, keg pump, faux leather, trash can, windshield glass, fly swatters, Chinese lantern, ice skating uniforms, hair brush and comb, skate boards, china cabinet, grocery cart wire, plaster, paper clay, super sculpt, lumina clay, polyester resin, silicone, scrap fur, stockings, acrylic paint, glass balls, acrylic balls, fabric, plastic tubing, metallic gold tensil sticks, vintage glass human prosthetic eyeballs, porcelain teeth, pins, beads, hair rollers, bath sponges, bottle brushes, telephone cords, plastic grapes, dog chew toys, milk from magic milk bottles, magic milk juice bottles, baby nasal aspirators, beaded dress, beaded plastic fruit, ice skating uniforms, fingernail polish.

MONICA COOK: "Milk Fruit, "October 19 - November 23, 2013, Postmasters Gallery

About Monica Cook

In substantial sculptural works that are both meticulously naturalistic and materially alien, Monica Cook incorporates hand-blown glass, mirrors, found objects, and plant and animal life into mysterious, metamorphic organic objects. Cook’s experimental sculptures revitalize discarded or scavenged objects through her transcendent use of materials, creating imaginative anatomies with power and empathy. In a series of structurally impressive composite works based on casts of trees, glass prisms seem to grow around and from tree trunks, with radiating mirrored extensions and naturalistic branches. The New York-based artist applies her interest in self-exploration to form, creating autonomous, evocative bodies in space.

American, based in New York, NY, United States