Monica Cook, ‘Shuttle ’, 2016, Postmasters Gallery

2016, December 10 - 2017, January 28: "Milk", Postmasters Gallery

About Monica Cook

In substantial sculptural works that are both meticulously naturalistic and materially alien, Monica Cook incorporates hand-blown glass, mirrors, found objects, and plant and animal life into mysterious, metamorphic organic objects. Cook’s experimental sculptures revitalize discarded or scavenged objects through her transcendent use of materials, creating imaginative anatomies with power and empathy. In a series of structurally impressive composite works based on casts of trees, glass prisms seem to grow around and from tree trunks, with radiating mirrored extensions and naturalistic branches. The New York-based artist applies her interest in self-exploration to form, creating autonomous, evocative bodies in space.

American, based in New York, NY, United States