Monika Zarzeczna, ‘Annette’, 2016, Lesley Heller Gallery
Monika Zarzeczna, ‘Annette’, 2016, Lesley Heller Gallery

In her practice, Zarzeczna assembles and preserves collected materials, colors and found objects. Her works emanate a feeling of nostalgia and reflection along with a simultaneous sense of urban decay and nature. There is a humanness also inherent in the sculptures.
Her sculptures depict ideas of transition — that of an object having lost its original function due to time, damage, or the gradual process of becoming unnecessary — exploring the in-betweeness that occurs when one moves from a known situation to an unknown situation or place. Zarzeczna attempts to portray the feelings and memories stemming from misunderstandings of systems, adaptations that are required, and new ideas that come into existence from that chaos. Her sculptures emit an essence of something confused, reconstructed, interpreted, and changed; and although the work is sculptural, Zarzeczna sees the pieces as drawings or constructed ideas; thinking made visible.

About Monika Zarzeczna

Monika Zarzeczna works in various mediums, but paper is prevalent in her drawings, collages, sculptures, and installations. She incorporates ideas and observations from daily life to create pieces that are organic-looking in shape and delicate by design. Using twigs, string, cardboard, and an assortment of other objects, as well as paper, she creates sculptures that balance precariously on fragile supports. “To give them more contact with our world I usually make sculptures lean, hang, or lie in our space so that their gravity becomes a vital part of their existence,” she says.

Dutch-Polish, b. 1975, based in New York, NY, USA

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