Morgan Wong, ‘56:06’, 2010, Pearl Lam Galleries

About Morgan Wong

Merging technology with art to explore temporality and dynamism within the city of Hong Kong and among its people, Morgan Wong favors video and installation works for their durational qualities and the way they can manipulate time. Distorting chronology using technology, Wong’s Plus-Minus-Zero features the artist walking backward and counter-clockwise in the snow, taking one step every second while being passed by skiers at varying speeds, creating a seemingly atemporal world. Wong’s performance piece Frustration of having more than two choices to make in life is a self-imposed purgatory in which the artist is dressed as a patient in a psychiatric ward, immersed in the mindless activity of staring at a steel bar and file on the floor. For Wong, performance serves him intellectually and allows the audience to better understand how he works, thinks, and functions as an artist.

Chinese, b. 1984, Hong Kong, China