Moshekwa Langa, ‘Ramothibedi’, 2016, Stevenson

About Moshekwa Langa

Rooted in his daily experiences and his upbringing in the remote town of Bakenberg, South Africa, Moshekwa Langa’s drawings, installations, sculptures, photographs, and videos reflect an anthropological approach to his own life and to his contemporary context. Through his work, he makes sense of himself and the world. His diverse output—including photographic portraits of the residents of Bakenberg; mixed-media drawings composed of text and image fragments; and installations of objects resonant with personal meaning—may be seen as a map of his emotions, memories, and experiences. As he describes: “For me it is interesting to work in that liminal space between losing consciousness of the real and falling into a fantastical wakefulness, of making sense of what is around me, and what I imagine [and] hope to be around me and what I wish to be away from me.”

South African, b. 1975, Bakenberg, South Africa, based in Johannesburg and Amsterdam