Motoyuki Daifu, ‘Broiled Fish In The Table’, 2010, Jane Lombard Gallery

About Motoyuki Daifu

Claiming, “I think people are generally interested in chaotic Japanese life,” photographer Motoyuki Daifu satisfies this curiosity with intimate color snapshots of his own domestic life. “I like photos that require me to step into the life of the subject,” he says, “so I often shoot inside someone's house, in this case my own apartment.” His burgeoning career has begun with two celebrated series: “The family is a pubis. So I cover it with pretty panties” (2009), in which he invites viewers in to the cramped, messy apartment he shares with his parents and siblings through casual, unflinching photographs; and “Lovesody” (2011), a tender photographic chronicle of his short-lived, intense love affair with a single mother of two. Citing Juergen Teller as an influence, Daifu captures the mundane, decidedly un-sexy realities of home, family, and relationships with a light touch.

Japanese, b. 1985

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