Mr. Brainwash, ‘WITH ALL MY LOVE’, 2016, Alpha 137 Gallery

This was a special edition that famed street/graffiti artist Mr. Brainwash made to celebrate Valentine's Day in 2016. Within one minute of the work going up for sale, the entire edition sold out immediately. It remains one of his more popular prints - and a terrific gift for someone special. In excellent condition.

Signature: This work is signed and numbered out of an edition of 125 and features the unique Mr. Brainwash thumbprint on the verso (back) of the print.

Acquired directly from the artist.

About Mr. Brainwash

A provocative figure in the world of street art, Mr. Brainwash practices an irreverent brand of appropriation characterized by the use of copyrighted images from history, popular culture, and art history. The artist subtly alters the picture or its context, mischievously undermining the tone of the source material. Brainwash, a pseudonym for Thierry Guetta, is known for producing massive spectacles to display his art. He came to prominence through mounting large-scale public projects in his current home of Los Angeles and as the main figure in the Banksy-directed film Exit Through the Gift Shop. His work hinges on the idea that anything is possible in his practice. “Art has no walls. Anybody can be an artist,” he says. “Art has no rules. There’s no manual.”

French, b. 1966, Garges-lès-Gonesse, France, based in Los Angeles, CA, United States