Mu Chen, ‘Shang Hang’, 2002, Shanghai Gallery of Art

About Mu Chen

Mu Chen, who has a background in photojournalism, creates art that in her own words charts the ways in which people are “pushed by the will of history.” Most frequently, Mu’s artwork looks critically at contemporary consumer culture in China, seeing it as a vestige of the Cultural Revolution. Her series “Color” (2011) is comprised of sculptures molded in the shapes of luxury and consumer logos, made from multi-colored layers of soil Mu collected across China, and dusted with a top layer of vivid pigment. In a similar vein, “Pride and Prejudice” (2010-11) is a sculpture series of metal wire outlining iconic perfume bottles. Mu has also collaborated with her husband Shao Yinong to produce a body of photographs documenting assembly halls used for political meetings in Maoist China, that have since fallen to disrepair.

Chinese, b. 1970, Liaoning Province, China

Solo Shows

weathered root • fleeting eternity