Murray Fredericks, ‘Burning Tree Allandale Station’, 2015, ARC ONE Gallery

About Murray Fredericks

Once known for black-and-white images of mountains and wilderness, photographer Murray Fredericks is now best known for a series of color photographs and a documentary film, Salt (2009), whose subject is South Australia’s Lake Eyre. In epic, often haunting images, Fredericks captures the lake’s thick, salt-encrusted surface, its light and color effects at different times of day and in various climatic conditions, and its surrounding expanses of arid land, as well as the experience of living and shooting alone in a remote environment. Printing his photographs on cotton rag rather than conventional photo paper in order to imbue them with a painterly effect, Fredericks has said, “I’m constantly trying to break away from traditional landscape photography.”

Australian, b. 1970

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