Nacho Carbonell, ‘Globe Light’, 2012, Booo
Nacho Carbonell, ‘Globe Light’, 2012, Booo

Inspired by the four classical elements, earth, wind, fire and water, Nacho Carbonell has incorporated subtle references to these through the design of his hand made lightbulb in an ingenious way, water in the bulb creates a sea-like light reflection from the light source in its environment. The user can also adjust the amount of air that's inside the lightbulb by blowing into the corked nozzle. This in turn influences the appearance of the reflection of the water inside the bulb.

About Nacho Carbonell

“I like to see objects as living organisms, imagining them coming alive and being able to surprise you with their behavior,” says Nacho Carbonell. His approach to design is similar, bringing life to static or non-communicative objects such as chairs and lighting by injecting his own unique personality into each object, imbuing it with a fictional or fantastical element oftentimes reminiscent of animation. Based on experimentation, the organic forms he creates are made from natural, raw materials locally obtained in Eindhoven and Amsterdam, where the artist is based. Making objects accessible in form and design, Carbonell is interested in the intersection between design and usability as much as the relationship between user and object and surrounding environment.

Spanish, b. 1980, Valencia, Spain, based in Eindhoven, Netherlands

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