Nada Debs, ‘The Fragmented Clock’, 2012, Carwan Gallery
Nada Debs, ‘The Fragmented Clock’, 2012, Carwan Gallery

Using her recently established East & East workshop which focuses on modernizing traditional craft, Nada Debs has created the Fragmented Clock- a contemporary take on the grandfather clock, which is reminiscent of the past and captures the significance of heritage. The clock is carved from solid maple wood, an unusual material in the region, and incorporates mother of pearl inlay. The diamonds form an intricate pattern from the top, becoming distorted and more fragmented as they reach the base, until there is no more carving, reflecting a purity of design. The mother of pearl inlay is also scattered, showing the dying craft as time passes, requiring meticulous workmanship for each diamond shape to be carved into its 4 facets. The clock itself is fragmented into 4 pieces as if time were broken into units. The secret doors hold memories collected over time. The Fragmented Clock requires 4 hand carvers and 6 craftsmen specialized in mother of pearl inlay, 500 hours of work, and 30 kilos of mother of pearl to create the final object.

Carwan Gallery commission

About Nada Debs

Born in Lebanon and raised in Japan, Nada Debs calls her style “East and East”. Her unique practice blends cultural languages that at first seem incompatible: the minimalist refinement of Japan (the Far East) and the ornamentation of the Middle East. The designer, who studied at the Rhode Island School of Design in the U.S. and worked in the U.K. before returning to Beirut, calls this round-the-world journey her personal Silk Road. She embellishes contemporary design with marquetry, the ancient tradition of inlaid mother-of-pearl, to create chic, modern furniture. She is best known for her popular Floating stool, a lighthearted design featuring a cushion suspended in an acrylic case.

Lebanese, based in Beirut, Lebanon

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