Nadim Abbas, ‘Untitled (13th March)’, 2010, Gallery EXIT

About Nadim Abbas

Drawing inspiration from literature, science, and psychology, Nadim Abbas produces heavily researched installations, sculptural works, and photography. With fetishistic fervor toward his subject, Abbas scours flea markets and cheap stores for objects to incorporate into his art or to serve as cues for research—past works have explored the aesthetics of science, coral reefs, and the psychology of kitsch, and included objects such as toy action figures, mirrors, frames, tanks, and windows. “I am one of those people who like to read instruction manuals from cover to cover,” Abbas has said. Fascinated with coral reefs and interested in popular reproductions of nature, Abbas produced an installation piece, Marine Lover (2011), which comprised an 18-meter corridor, along which the artist constructed an artificial bleached reef. “Conceptually, it’s like a cross between an object and a living thing,” he said.

Chinese, b. 1980, Hong Kong, China, based in Hong Kong, China