Nadine Robbins, ‘Dragon Sweatshirt’, Sirona Fine Art

About Nadine Robbins

Nadine Robbins’s paintings are rooted in autobiography, guilty pleasures, nostalgia, and humor. Robbins previously worked as a graphic designer and photographer, though she is largely self-taught as a painter. After growing tired of airbrushing and doctoring images in her design and photography work, she began to paint honest, authentic scenes based on photographs. Her portraits portray raw, vulnerable moments, revealing elements of her subjects’ personalities and her own. Their saturated colors and hyper-real visuals extend to her paintings of oysters, which are inspired by her childhood memories of gathering and eating fresh oysters with her father. Robbins’s oyster paintings highlight humans’ indulgent nature by honestly depicting their obsession with consuming food.

American, b. 1966, New York, NY, , based in Stanfordville, New York

Group Shows

Hallandale Beach,
Oil Water Bronze, featuring Nadine Robbins, Ali Cavanaugh and Gary Weisman