Nahum Tschacbasov, ‘Lovers and Others (Two Works)’, 1978-1979, Alpha 137 Gallery
Nahum Tschacbasov, ‘Lovers and Others (Two Works)’, 1978-1979, Alpha 137 Gallery

A rare find for true art lovers - two works of art for the price of one. It's unframed, but we recommend framing with an open back, so the painting can be reversed! Two Gouache paintings on one (double sided) paper. The verso (back) was completed and signed in 1978; the front work signed 1979. Tschacbasov spent two years creating this magnificent piece.
The painting on the predominantly blue recto (front) is signed in black watercolor and dated lower right "Tschacbasov, 79"
Gouache on the predominantly black and white verso (back) of the sheet, is signed in black watercolor, and dated "Tschacbasov, 78" Both unique works are done on one double sided sheet of watercolor paper. Recto in fine condition; minor foxing to the white area of the drawing on the back. This is a real find. Two important, impressive Cubist and Figural works on paper - a double sided gouache on one sheet, by the well listed artist Nahum Tschacbasov (1899-1984), who exhibited in the 1940s alongside Mark Rothko, Max Weber, Stuart Davis, David Burliuk and others.

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Signature: signed and dated on each work (i.e. signed and dated on recto and verso)

About Nahum Tschacbasov

Russian-American, 1899-1984, Baku, Azerbaijan, based in East Hampton, NY, United States