Nana Funo, ‘ It turned out be a long trip instead of a walk’, 2011, Tomio Koyama Gallery

About Nana Funo

Nana Funo’s dense images are delicately and laboriously constructed, through a process the artist describes as “woolly yet very sharp at the same time.” Each of her works is built up in a complex series of layers: she paints acrylic on the work’s base, creates her image in pen, applies gesso to create gradation, and finally masks the surface in another layer of acrylic paint. The final work has both depth and kaleidoscopic texture. The subjects of Funo’s works appear fantastical, but are in fact based on her day-to-day experiences and moods; recurring motifs include figures, animals, flora and fauna, and writing.

Japanese, b. 1983, Sizuoka, Japan