Nancy Baker, ‘Chamber’, 2015, ODETTA
Nancy Baker, ‘Chamber’, 2015, ODETTA
Nancy Baker, ‘Chamber’, 2015, ODETTA

Nancy Baker creates paper constructions by combining digitally printed, hand and laser cut geometric forms loosely based on machine parts. Over time, the hardware imagery has evolved into an obsessive, jewel-laden structure, that some have described as a furious, crazy lace. Incorporated into these paper and Mylar sections is glitter, paint, modeling paste, gold leaf, and printed commercial matter. The tension of repetitive forms and loosely fabricated passages that intersect create a dynamic path of subtle color and shape change, much like the natural world, especially in rock formations and precious gems.

Paper has the most remarkable ability to be transformed radically without extensive equipment or expense, into an astonishing variety of forms and shapes. It is a humble material; it begins as the blankest of slates, allowing me to mold it, cut it, layer it, paint and spray it, rip it apart and start all over again. It is ephemeral; seemingly impermanent, but paper objects can be constructed with great strength. The way in which it accepts color pigment, in all its glorious saturation is unrivaled.

Nancy Baker was born in Brooklyn NY, and received a BFA from the School of Visual Arts. Her work has been exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, such as Mark Moore Gallery, LA, Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta, Winkleman Gallery, NYC, Jancar Gallery LA, Pavel Zoubok, NY, SECCA, Winston Salem, Fundacion Casa De Mateus, Vila Real Portugal, and Maisel Museum of Judaica, Israel. She has received a Southern Fellowship award funded by the NEA. a state artist fellowship in Tennessee, and two state artist fellowship awards in North Carolina.

She is currently working on a major metal commission for two train stations in New York on the New Lots Line for MTA Arts and Design. She has completed commissions for the North Carolina Museum of Art for their Art in Park program. Her work is in many private and public collections, such as The North Carolina Museum of Art, Herman Miller, NY, The International Collage Center, and the US Embassy in Kiev.

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Rattle n Hummmm, ODETTA Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2016

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