Nancy Lorenz, ‘Red Gold Burlap’, 2015, PDX CONTEMPORARY ART

About Nancy Lorenz

Nancy Lorenz’s works are a blur between typical craft practices and traditions of sculpture and painting. For Lorenz, who was trained in printmaking and painting, the most formative and enlightening experience for her artistic practice was the five years she spent in Tokyo. She says: “I became enamored with Asian Crafts, and how a teacup can be just as revered as a painting.” Following this trip, Lorenz would begin working with the materials and techniques that would come to identify her career: mother-of-pearl inlay, gold and silver leaf, lacquer, and water gliding. Her style is characterized by its references to expressionistic abstraction, use of decorative pattern, and landscape elements.

American, b. 1962, based in New York, New York