Nao Tamura + WonderGlass, ‘Momento’, 2016, Chamber
Nao Tamura + WonderGlass, ‘Momento’, 2016, Chamber

“There is a moment when a clinging bead of water, 
in quiet, orb-like suspension, becomes a droplet,” writes Nao Tamura. ”
The droplet reflects its surroundings while gathering light within.” Inspired in this phenomenon, “Momento” is a lamp, an installation, and a meditation on transience, freezing a moment and turning into a source of light.

Crafted out of glass in Resana, Italy, the plate-shape, suspended disc projects soft circles of shadow and light onto surrounding surfaces, recalling the rippled surface of a lake activated by a singular droplet. Created in 2015 for WonderGlass, “Momento” simultaneously conjures Zen simplicity, and elegance, and wonder.

Image rights: Guang Xu

Venice, Italy

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