Nao Tsuda, ‘Kamoaosa, Akita, FIELD NOTES (Jomon Sites / Oga Peninsula / Yonomori)’, 2011, Postmodernism Museum

About Nao Tsuda

Photography inherently questions the human notion of temporality through its ability to freeze time. Nao Tsuda’s photographs and installations highlight the perceived continuity of our temporal understanding of space by addressing the overlooked or forgotten gaps between discrete experiences. Normally, our imagination connects the disjointed events of our daily lives and makes them seamless. Working against this habit, Tsuda emphasizes these punctuating moments through landscapes, portraits, panoramas, and multi-image series. Tsuda attempts to challenge the conventions of photography through both black and white and color by capturing in between spaces and moments that seem to exist outside of a linear impression of time.

Japanese, b. 1976, Kobe, Japan