Naoyuki Tsuji, ‘ZEPHYR’, 2009, Tomio Koyama Gallery

About Naoyuki Tsuji

Naoyuki Tsuji’s primary medium is hand-drawn animation, even though he was trained in sculpture. He creates each of his films by drawing, erasing, and redrawing each image with charcoal over a single sheet of paper; over the course of the film, the erased lines become visible and accumulate to form ghostly images. Tsuji’s mostly human characters are rendered with simple forms and deceptively innocent features, which belie the fantastical transformations and nightmarish situations they fall victim to. Tsuji’s works have broached dark and perverse themes, like blindness, mortal danger, death, and cannibalism. His films are accompanied by haunting and minimalist music.

Japanese, b. 1972